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Ehh you know what, you guys can vote for Jordy if you want. This is supposed to be a fun thread and I have unnecessarily been a hardass. Jordy is still a CAP player that is active on Discord and I will happily take the extra steps needed if he is selected. I apologize.

2020 idm boomer

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So when I was like a pre teen I became like obsessed as fuck with pannu. I think it was because I saw pannu post an RMT of his latest team and Pannu seemed like a total badass running a scarf Lando-T in this economy with all this global inflation going on and whatnot. My parents, wanting to foster my interests in competitive singles, bought me The Art of Competitive Pokémon (by Mr. Jamvad) and read it to me before bedtime. I would have them read to me about pannu over and over again and then get on Discord and tell the other kids about pannu. I watched hours and hours of pannu replays on showdown because I was obsessed. This fascination also led me to tell my parents that people that were loud at restaurants, "must be Smogon Auth." My parents were called in by Finchinator and they were instructed to stop telling me about pannu because the other kiddos were starting to like him too.

vote: pannu


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imagine asking your friends to vote for you in a cap thread

jordy gave me teams once for ost, he's a cool guy imo


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"JORDY" or "JHO" so that we may stop this dark future from realizing itself. Thank you x


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Oh No!!! I can't fathom a reality where Smogon Forums user pannu, after enlisting the help from fellow Smogon Forums users ponchlake AtraX Madara anique 2020 idm boomer, managed to accrue multiple votes into the Create-A-Pokemon Metagame Player Of The Fortnite thread, thus prompting Smogon Forums user spoo to mass ping all of Smogon Forums users quziel Darek shnowshner Voltage Garrett (who's fucking banned anyway) snake Jordy Baloor Astra Brambane iplayPKMNnaked Tadasuke Lasen Zetalz Rabia Nalei Scarf Jho Steam Buns poopidoopii Rage.Spam.Quit. in a single sitting, as an attempt to out-rig the POTF voterbase! And worse yet, this call to arms would incite defectors within said group to vote for Smogon Forums user pannu out of sheer spite!

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